Counterfeit Cigarette Operation Suppliers Arrested

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has reportedly confiscated almost two million dollars worth of counterfeit cigarettes along with counterfeit Viagra. The 37 year old man and 42 year old woman that were arrested had their home searched in which an additional hundred and ten thousand dollars was found in cash. What makes this particular case interesting is that they were able to post the fifty thousand dollars bond apiece. Investigators strongly believe that they are not the sellers of the counterfeit products, but rather the suppliers.

This is one of the larger cigarette related crimes that we’ve covered and certainly one that seems lifted out of a crime film. Add the fact that the counterfeit products were also untaxed and we are looking several hundred thousand dollars more that they have been depriving the state of. The names of the criminals were not released as the investigation is still ongoing, but interviewed neighbors have stated that they certainly seemed well off. It is unknown just how extensive their operation was, but it certainly does not look good for them to say the least.

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