Could Cig Sales Drop Mean E Cig Boost?

It is a plain and simple fact that cigarette sales are falling. Among both young people and long time smokers, tax hikes have lead to a sharp decline in cigarette sales. But are tax hikes alone to blame for the rising prices, and almost more importantly is the fall in sales of cigarettes going to lead to a rise in sales of more cigarette alternatives and is there already a correlation?

Many smokers have long given up smoking traditional cigarettes and have instead opted for e cigarettes. With more smokers using e cigarettes, it only makes sense that the number of people buying regular cigarettes would fall. In fact, if e cigarettes do not end up grouped together as a tobacco product in the tax hikes then many more smokers both young and old could switch to alternatives such as electronic cigarettes. With tobacco product like the traditional cigarette already more expensive than most people care for products like the electronic cigarette could very well seem more appealing price wise.

Whether the tax hikes and falling sales on cigarettes and tobacco products will cause a definitive leap to nontraditional products like electronic cigarettes remains to be seen but one thing is a definite: The days of being able to afford cigarettes easily are quickly coming to an end and whether it be quitting or switching something will most definitely have to be done.

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