Controversial Smoking Graphics To Be Debated

A decision by the Federal Government that would force tobacco companies to publish graphic images is to be argued on April 10th by representatives of the tobacco industry. The arguments that are being presented will echo the sentiment that the images that would be published on cigarette boxes are not only in bad taste, but even perhaps misleading.

The argument for the graphic images state that the intent is to discourage people, especially teenagers, from picking up smoking and to perhaps even convince people to quit. There are even some who make the argument that the images do not necessarily intend to discourage new smokers so much as to get smokers to consider trying things such as smoking cessation products.

Some say that the images are misleading, with an image of an autopsy table in particular drawing criticism due to the belief that it is stating that smoking leads to an autopsy. There are others who believe that the Surgeon General’s warning is more than sufficient and that the images on the packs are little more than cheap shock tactics. It seems that the decision either for or against the graphic images is one that will be controversial regardless of how it goes.

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