Commentary Calls For Balanced E Cigarette Consideration

A recently published commentary is calling for a balanced view on e cigarettes. The commentary talks about how e cigarettes are being used increasingly as smoking cessation products, and even mentions how one specific brand was able to lower the cravings for regular cigarettes. The commentary is yet another example of e cigarettes gaining acceptance among the populous. The commentary goes on to say that the FDA may be overstating and even misleading the public on just what affects e cigarettes may have on their users.

The commentary does, however, go on to say that the FDA should serve as some sort of quality control to assure users that the e cigarettes that they are using are up to high standards and are a high quality build. This is due to a common complaint that many e cigarettes are cheaply manufactured while there are many brands out there that are excellent in quality. This is a point of controversy for many e cigarette supporters, as they feel the FDA should only step in if e cigarettes present some form or health risk, which there is no real evidence suggesting so far.

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