Colleges Looking To Absolutely Ban Cigarettes on Campus

We recently reported how many colleges across the country were starting to adopt no smoking policies. But now it seems as though the policies are becoming even more popular with many colleges not only picking up on the idea, but creating what can only be considered zero tolerance policies on smoking. This is flying in the face of students, faculty, and staff who are smokers.

It would be one thing if we were talking about an elementary or high school, but the fact is that we’re talking about colleges. Colleges are places where fully fledged adults who are capable of making their own decisions frequent. To take away the ability to smoke during breaks is frankly ridiculous. It would be one thing if these bans were being put in place in an attempt to comply with public smoking bans that have been made law, but these seem like bans that are being put in place simply to improve the image of whatever campus goes through with the ban. Their image may worsen if students and faculty alike decide to protest the change.

There is nothing wrong with light regulation. If you want to impose penalties for littering with cigarette butts, that’s understandable. If you only want there to be a single designated smoking area, then that’s fine too. But trying to be a nanny to full grown adults who can make their own decisions is ridiculous.

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