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College Smoking Bans Causing Confusion and Frustration

When it was announced that a multitude of colleges across the country were going to begin enacting smoking bans, it frustrated many students as the smoke break is something that a lot of college students need to take out tension between classes. While the number of young people who smoke is at a record low, it does not mean that there are not still adults who are in college who can use the break. Now some colleges are reporting a difficult time enforcing the ban due to confusion and complications.

One source of confusion is the fact that many of the colleges do not allow smoking on the premises, even if the smoker is smoking in their own car. While it is understandable that they would prohibit students from smoking outside of their vehicle, it is a bit ridiculous that they would forbid students (most of which are adults) from smoking in their own property. It seems like they are overstepping their bounds in that regard. This has caused frustration to many smokers who assumed that smoking in their car would be okay. It remains to be seen just how effective the bans will be as they are still in their early stages.

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