cleaning your e cigarette

How To Clean Your E Cigarette

Cleaning your electronic cigarette is something most e cigarette users don’t think about. However, a clogged or otherwise unclean electronic cigarette is one of the leading causes for not getting enough vapor. Many people assume hat when you don’t get enough of the vapor that there is either a malfunction with the cartridge or the battery isn’t charged. Keeping this in mind here’s how to clean your electronic cigarette so that you get the best possible vapor at all times.

Let’s start with the atomizer since it’s probably the most important part. Many people seem to skip or altogether forget that an electronic cigarette is electronic diligence as any electrical outlet by making sure it is kept dry and free of fluid and buildup. When cleaning the connection points of your atomizer use a clean cloth that won’t leave lint or cotton pieces behind and gently wipe in and around the connections that connect your battery and atomizer. Remember that it’s important to not leave behind any small pieces of cloth or liquid because this could be potentially hazardous should they get into the heating coil housing. That would be about as horrible as it sounds.

Now that we’ve gotten all of that hard stuff out of the way let us move on to the battery. The battery is relatively easy to keep clean and efficiently working because most of it’s parts are inside and fairly unreachable without the use of a screwdriver, hammer, blowtorch and many other nefarious items most people don’t have lying around. In lue of taking it apart there isn’t much you can do other than make sure to wipe it down regularly and keep any dust, cloth particles, and dirt from making their way into the seem between the end that lights up and the actual battery container.

Now that you know how best to keep your electronic cigarette clean and in the best possible working condition you should be able to get the best vapor usage from it. This is incredibly important for extending the life overall of your electronic cigarette and making sure that you have a good e cigarette experience.

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