City Considering Ban of All Public Tobacco Use

It’s bad enough that smokers all across the country are having to find new places that are “acceptable” by the general public to smoke, but now it seems that smokers aren’t the only ones who have to worry about finding a new place anymore. The city of Brownsville, Texas is one of many cities all across the country that is considering a ban on ALL public tobacco use. This means even smokeless tobacco is going to be grouped in with all of the bans we’ve seen of late.

It somewhat made sense to ban public cigarette use. After all, the second hand smoke argument is at the very least a compelling one. But what good does the banning of public use of smokeless tobacco do? Sure, some people may not like the sight of someone using chewing tobacco, just for example, but is it really that offensive to look at? Are we living in a society where the very sight of tobacco products is offensive? After all, many states are trying to outlaw the use of displays for tobacco products in convenience stores, a measure that many believe to be unconstitutional. It seems as though a form of tobacco prohibition is right around the corner, if the way things are currently going continues.

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