cigarette smuggling getting worse

Cigarette Smuggling Getting Worse

When you think of smuggling you usually think of things like rare exports, illegal weapons, and things of that nature. But cigarettes? Surprisingly, everything from petty theft to crooked cop stick ups have occurred. People are starting to get serious about getting their cigarettes without having to worry about the tax hikes. It makes one wonder, though, is the taxation really bad enough that people are turning to a life of crime just to smoke? Granted, we’re not talking about something as serious as murder or anything like that, but it does show just how far people are willing to go in order to save money.

But is there any real reason for it? Granted, the tax hikes that have come about are excessive, and some would even say ludicrous, but the raising of cigarette taxes by a dollar certainly doesn’t warrant blatant theft and smuggling. It seems, however, that many don’t agree. What with all of the crimes that not only seem to be growing like wild fire, something must absolutely be done to either pacify the smokers or gain control over the never-do-wells that would rather negate the system and taxes in petty crime. Until then, countries such as Australia are starting to crack down hard on the smuggling problem.

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