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Cigarette Related Crimes Escalating

Today seems to be one dominated by multiple reports of cigarette related crimes. Ever since the massive amount of tax increases began to rear their ugly heads we have seen more and more people turn to crime to try and dodge the taxes, but instead they are getting hit with jail time and huge fines. It makes one wonder just who is to blame for this.

On one hand you can expect a negative reaction anytime you decide to raise taxes on something. After all, the taxes could not possibly have been raised without even a little bit of consideration of the possibility that someone would use it as an opportunity to capitalize illegally. But on the other hand you have to lay the blame on the opportunists who decided that breaking the law was a viable source of income (here’s a quick newsflash: it isn’t).

So just who should the blame be laid on? In all honesty, the blame lays on both sides of the tracks, but there’s more of it on the side of the criminals. Taking advantage of rising taxes isn’t going to do anything for you apart from landing you a quick buck and a long stretch in the big house.


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