Cigarette Prices Could Rise Even More Globally

A recent article that suggests cigarettes in Russia could increase up to five times in price by 2018. While this is the result of many different tax increases and bills in that country, the trend of rising cigarette prices is one that has been occurring all across the globe, Many are expecting cigarettes in the US to further increase, as well.

With cigarettes already extremely expensive, just what would yet another increase in cost mean? Some smokers have stated that they plan on quitting smoking altogether in order to save money. But for some smokers it is not that simple. Smokers may look to other products, such as e cigarettes (click here to check them out). This rise in demand for smoking alternatives could prove as a big boost to e cigarettes, and may even lead to e cigarettes taking over as the preferred smoking method.

After all of the seeming horror stories that are involved with quitting methods such as pills and gum, e cigarettes very well may open the door for smokers to continue the habit while skirting the upward rising taxes and prices on traditional cigarettes. What method smokers will take remains to be seen but this news very well could cause the switch to alternatives like e cigarettes sooner rather than later unless they figure out a way to group electronic cigarettes in with the tax hikes.


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