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Cigarette Fire Claims 47 Year Old’s Life

Yet another cigarette fire is being reported, this time with tragic consequences. A 47 year old man in Portland, Oregon was killed in a house fire that was caused by a burning cigarette. While we have made fun of the fact that it is easy to put out cigarettes before, the loss of human life is no laughing matter.

One can only hope that this horrifying example will serve to remind others that proper disposal of cigarettes is something that needs to be treated very seriously. Year after year an obscene amount of fires are started that are the result of improperly putting out cigarettes. It’s senseless, especially when you put it in perspective that it only takes a few seconds to fully put out a cigarette. If more people would be mindful of whether or not their cigarette is fully put out then there would be far less property damage and more importantly less loss of life.

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