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Cigarette Display Laws Battled

The debate over cigarette displays in convenience and tobacco stores is one that has been raging for some time now. People against the displays essentially believe that the very sight of cigarette displays will be enough to make non smokers want to try smoking while those on the sensible side of the argument know that this is ridiculous. While there are some places that have actually made the cigarette displays illegal some of those places are already starting to consider overturning the law in the face of lawsuits. This would help shop owners be able to still advertise the products that they are selling and not have to worry about states overstepping their bounds.

The fact is it’s ridiculous to tell shop owners what they can and cannot display in their own stores. Sure, you can almost make the argument with convenience stores, but it’s widely known that convenience stores have cigarettes to begin with. And if you’re going to argue that tobacco shops shouldn’t have displays, that’s even more ridiculous. The idea of getting rid of these displays serves no other purpose than to kill of businesses. There is so much time spent trying to take on big tobacco that nobody is looking at the human element of the shopkeepers who have to rely on their shops to have income.

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