smoking bans in parks expanding

Cigarette Butts Are a Big Factor In Smoking Bans In Parks

Non smokers these days have been conditioned to dislike cigarettes and to a somewhat lesser degree smokers themselves. The media has painted smoking in such a negative light to where you only see smoking in the media if it is being done by the villain of a film. A lot of this negative publicity towards smokers is unwarranted, but one aspect of discontent that non smokers rightfully have is against smokers who leave cigarette butts everywhere.

More and more states and towns are expressing their frustration with the high number of cigarette butts that smokers are throwing on the ground instead of trash cans. Many states have put public smoking bans in place to combat the problem. While the smoking bans have been a source of frustration for smokers, if smokers insist on littering then perhaps the smokers in those states somewhat deserve it.

While it is understandable that most smokers generally do what they are supposed to in relation to properly disposing of their cigarettes, perhaps the ones who are throwing their cigarette butts on the ground do not know the effect they are having on the environment. It takes one year for a cigarette butt to fully be broken down by the environment. It takes five times longer if they are being broken down in salt water. This is a long time and the negative impact is unmeasurable especially when you factor in the large number of cigarette butts that are thrown on the ground everyday.

If you are a smoker who is frustrated by smoking bans, especially in parks, then do your part to see to it that officials are not given a good reason to pass such a ban. Either throw your cigarette butts away in a garbage can or click here and switch to e cigarettes.

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