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Cigarette Blamed in Glenwood Brush Fire

Eventually people are going to have to learn that if you throw away a cigarette that isn’t fully put out, fires are going to happen. An “improperly disposed of” cigarette is being considered the culprit of a five acre brush fire in Glendwood Springs, Colorado. It only took an hour for fire fighters to contain the fire, but that is beside the point. The fact that there are this many people out and about that do not seem to be able to properly put out cigarettes is a more than compelling argument as to why e cigarettes need to take over as the most popular form of smoking.

With an e cigarette you do not have to worry about putting it out because you don’t have to light it. O lighter, no fire! The only possible thing you have to worry about with an e cigarette is whether or not you are out of e liquid. Nobody has been implicated in the fire as the person who dropped the cigarette butt, but it would not be hard to imagine that they are either quitting smoking now or switching to e cigarettes.

If you want to be positive that you don’t start a fire while smoking, then check out these great low cost electronic cigarette starter kits!

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