Choosing the Right E Liquid For You

It used to be that picking e liquid was pretty rigid. You would pick either tobacco or menthol flavor and that would be it. But now there is a large multitude of flavors available for e cigarette users to choose from. However it can be somewhat confusing to pick the right flavor. This may seem rather odd since it should be a no brainer to pick a flavor you like, but it actually is somewhat more complicated than that. Sure one can know what a flavor will taste like in theory, but when you put that flavor in a tiny cartridge and have to vaporize it it is understandable how confusion can come about in terms of how authentic to flavors are.

It needs to be said that the e liquid offered by 7s is top quality, especially in terms of flavor authenticity. You see, when you smoke a normal cigarette the actual tobacco flavor is drowned out with chemicals. But with 7s e liquid you get an authentic, real tobacco flavor. With this level of authenticity there is no real problem when it comes to ordering flavors because you know you will get exactly what you expect.

But 7s has taken it to the next level by giving e cig users the ability to mix flavors to get the flavor combination that they want in their e liquid. By mixing flavors you can have the chocolate and peanut butter e cig experience that you’ve been dreaming of. That is just one of the examples of the level of control you have when you pick your e liquid and flavor combination. With the ability to mix flavors you start to see why 7s is at the forefront of creating your perfect e cig experience.

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