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E Cigarettes by 7's

Oops! We Dropped The Price!

Kyle Newton June 21, 2012 Announcements 1 Comment

Cartomizers as low as $2.50 each!

Did you ever think your smokes would get this cheap again?  7′s Cartomizers are the quickest and easiest way to refill your 7′s Electronic Cigarette. 7′s Cartomizers are available in a wide variety of great tasting flavors and various nicotine levels. Sold in multiple packages: 2 Pack, 10 Pack, 20 Pack and 40 Pack.

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You get your choice of one (1) great tasting flavor with the 2 Pack and 10 Pack. The 20 Pack and 40 Pack (pictured above) can be sold in multiple flavor choices depending on preference.

7′s Cartomizers are disposable and are not designed to be refilled after they are emptied. When the Cartomizer stops producing vapor, all you have to do is remove the depleted Cartomizer and replace it with another 7′s Cartomizer to continue enjoying your 7′s Electronic Cigarette.

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  1. althea hodo April 4, 2013 at 10:25 AM

    That’s very nice but you are out of tobacco very high and i am paying $7.99 for two cartomizers at a local store so reading this makes me very angry. Waiting for restock sucks.

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