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Challenge Yourself To Help Others

Kyle Newton June 14, 2012 Affiliates - Tools, Tips & Tricks 1 Comment

Ok, you have accepted the challenge and it is time to give you the tools, tips and ideas you need to help show the world the one thing that has made such a profound difference in your life.

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There are many ways that you can show people the My7’s E Cigarette line of products. So let’s get started.

  1. Sign up at http://aff.my7s.com/signup.php. You do not need a website to start and we will show you several other ways to let others get to your link. You will be able to get this link once you sign up. You will make 20% to start and as you get more sales and volume, you can increase up to 30%.
  2. Share your link on your Facebook page, but do not just post the link, tell your story. Everyone that uses e cigs has a story, they may be similar, but each is different. This is not a review of the product, but how e cigarettes changed your life for the better. Always be honest!
  3. Start a blog! They have loads of places that allow you to share your story and experiences with the e cigarette. Again, do not try to sell anything, just tell your story and update it as you learn more about how e cigarettes affect your life. Some examples is your baby does not mind them and you are not exposing them to smoke that kills and causes cancer (medical fact). This is where you put your affiliate link. We have a list below to places where you can start a free blog.
  4. Get business cards made up. We even have one person that gets one thousand at a time because he is a football fan and goes to high school , college and pro games. It sounds kind of funny, but he throws a handful of them in the air when his teams make great plays and others get the cards with a link to his blog, which has your link so you can get a commission.
  5. Flyers are useful when you are going to the grocery store, the market or to other events in public. It is easy for you to smell smokers now since you switched, so kindly give every smoker you run across a card to your website so you can help them and make some money, too!
  6. Pinterest: This is another social site that is image based. You get to surf the web, pin cool pics and get traffic back to your story. It is a great way to be part of a community and get some traffic to boot.
  7. Small text ads in your local weekly or bi weekly classified news paper can bring in a lot of traffic. If you want more, you can write a short intro into your story and give your web address where they can finish reading it.
  8. Classified sites online: Craigslist.com, backpage.com, hoobly.com and many other local classified sites allow you to post ads. Link back to your blog and let them read your story and experiences. This will also bring sales.
  9. Promo Codes: Don’t have a website and want to promote us offline through your flyers and business cards and be sure you get credit?  We’ll set you up a promo code that you can print on your offline marketing materials so you know just how effective your efforts are!  Available for both online and offline marketers by request only.


Here is a list of places where you can start your own blog or website. They are 100% free and there is no need to spend money. You don’t have to be a great writer; all you have to do is tell your story. Remember, people can tell when they are being lied to or marketed to, so be yourself and be honest and simply tell your story.

If you already have a blog, you already know what to do.  Remember that the butterfly effect could take that one person you help and start a tsunami!

Here is the list:

  • blogger.com
  • tripod.com
  • tumblr.com
  • typepad.com
  • livejournal.com
  • weebly.com
  • my.opera.com
  • rediff.com
  • wikidot.com
  • webs.com
  • webnode.com
  • salon.com
  • jimdo.com
  • yola.com
  • posterous.com
  • squidoo.com
  • multiply.com
  • angelfire.com
  • moonfruit.com
  • springnote.com

Banners Available:

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