Canada Makes Graphic Images on Cigarettes Mandatory

Canada has just made the displaying of graphic images showing the affects of cigarettes on the human body mandatory. The images, which many feel are too graphic, are being put on packs in an effort to deter young people from picking up smoking in the first place. While a great deal of anti-smoking commercial campaigns are prominent in both Canada and the US, there is still a high number of young people picking up smoking.

While some are calling the graphic images a good step towards discouraging smoking, many believe that the images are just offensive in addition to not providing purely factual information.

Top critics of the images feel they are nothing more than a shock tactic. The affect that the images have in Canada may ultimately influence whether or not the United States adopts a similar policy.

Although the images may wait, the Federal Government has started a much more graphic T.V.  Commercial campaign across the U.S. That is drawing both praise and persecution from special interest groups on both sides of the spectrum.

“We hope these ads will be a wake-up call for the smokers and the potential smokers who are not yet aware of the enormous damage they may be doing to their health,” said Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.

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