California Cigarette Tax Increase Struck Down

California Cigarette Tax Increase Struck Down

In what is coming as somewhat of a shock, and good news to smokers, California voters have rejected Prop 29, the tax measure that would bring cigarette taxes up by a whole dollar. The measure was one that was met with heavy criticism, not only among smokers but surprisingly non smokers as well. The proposition had been widely reported on, with both sides of the argument having very spirited, almost indignant debate on the subject. While there was always a chance that the measure would be struck down, the odds were more likely to tip in the opposite direction given the large number of states that have been adopting tax increases and smoking bans.

So just what does this mean for the smokers out there whose states are considering similar measures? While nobody can predict the future on such a matter, the fact is that California is usually ahead of the curve in American politics, so it is possible that similar taxation propositions could be struck down as well.

While this is most certainly a victory to the smokers of California, it should be noted that it is certainly not a signal that things are going to tip permanently in the favor of smokers. Smoking is still very much stigmatized by society, and it seems as though lawmakers and politicians are doing what they can to do away with smoking altogether, even with products such as e cigarettes that do not actually put out smoke. The best thing for smokers who do not want to be taxed death is to simply keep an eye and ear out for news regarding their area’s cigarette tax laws and for any new developments that may have a negative impact.

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