california cigarette tax increase not dead yet

California Cigarette Tax Increase Not Dead Yet

While it was starting to look like Prop 29, a measure that would raise cigarette taxes in California by a dollar, was dead and buried smokers have learned that it has apparently risen from the grave. Despite the fact that the proposition is still very much outnumbered in terms of votes, the number of people voting in favor of the tax increase has gone up rather quickly, though nowhere near as quickly as the number of people who do not support it.

The primary issue that many have taken with the tax increase is that the majority of the people voting for it are not even voting with the intent to have the tax money go towards something beneficial (though it will). They have made it clear that their hope in voting for the proposition is to essentially strong arm smokers into quitting by hitting them where it hurts: the wallet.

Fortunately for smokers it is estimated that at least 52% of the uncounted votes would have to be for the measure which is highly unlikely at this point if the trend thus far is to be used as evidence. It has been a very difficult fight for many smokers as the money raised through the tax increase would go to cancer research, but as previously stated that seems to be an after thought of the increase itself. The fact is that there are many smokers who are looking to try and dodge the tax by turning to cheap e cigarette starter kits, a measure that may actually pay off.

The reason why this is a big deal stems from the fact that California tends to be a trend setting state. What happens there usually echoes throughout the rest of the country. This could be a huge indicator as to how the rest of the country would vote should a similar proposition be passed through the states.

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