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Buying E Liquid Bottles

It has been stated repeatedly just how important e liquid is to making e cigarettes work. The fact is that e liquid is the very source of the power of e cigarettes (except for, you know, the battery). But the fact is, while buying flavor cartridges is certainly less expensive than buying pack after pack of real cigarettes, there is an even greater money saving opportunity out there if you are willing to pay a higher initial cost. If you buy e liquid in bulk, specifically by the bottle, you are looking at yet another money saving opportunity.

If you have refillable e liquid cartridges, but have never used them in that capacity, then you will be amazed to learn that it only takes a few drops to fill your cartridge. Just a few drops out of a whole bottle. No matter how you calculate it, the money saving potential is immense. But that is not the only advantage to buying e liquid bottles.

When you buy e liquid by the bottle, you allow yourself a lot of convenience. The fact is that while there are plenty of stores out there now carrying e cigarettes and e liquid, they are not all carrying the same brands, and you can have a very difficult time finding the cartridges you need. Ordering e liquid bottles online allows you to not have to worry about buying e liquid cartridges online and waiting for those practically torturous shipping times when you really need e cigarette.

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