Burned By “Free Trials?” What You Need to Know.

For years now, we have catered to many customers who have been “Burned” by competing brands or so called “Companies” . We typically explain to the customer what may of taken place, to help educate them and then offer assistance in how to contact these “unethical” companies to cancel the free trial subscriptions they signed up for unknowingly. Many of these sites appear as “news” sites that reference a design similar to well know news agencies such as CNN and Fox News. If you’ve seen a site like this, chances are they are not looking out for your best interest.

Alot of these sites pop-up offering money back satisfaction guarantee’s , however the fine print typically states that the product must be returned in it’s UN-used original packaging. What sense does that make if you have to try it before you know you like it? It doesn’t. The best thing to do when you come across a situation like this is to contact your credit card issuing bank ( Visa, MasterCard, etc. ) and let them know you did not approve any re-curing charges and that you would like to request that they block that merchant ( site name or business ) from charging your card any longer.

If you have any problems finding the phone number for the site you ordered from you can usually locate it on your bank statement online or via mail per line item of each charge. This is typically required by most merchants to identify a working contact phone number on the statement, while this is usually the case some “off-shore” merchant accounts allow work arounds that are not convenient to the consumer. However, sometimes you can google “site name phone number” in the Google’s search box and that may pull up a contact number. In the event this fails you can try a quick “whois” lookup on the website domain to see if the domain registrants information is public. You can visit and type in the domain name in the look-up field to do so.

In short, it’s always best to verify the site you are purchasing from and read the terms & conditions before hitting “submit”. We can assure you, this is something that you will never encounter with the 7’s Brand Electronic Cigarettes store. We abide by the highest level security solutions and PCI compliance to protect our loyal customers private data.

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