Bowlers Seemingly Fine With Smoking Bans

Bowling very much seems like a sport that was made for smokers. After all, if you have a party of people then there is plenty of time for a smoke break before it gets to your turn. Heck, there is even an ash tray built into most score tables. If that does not indicate a sport that is tailor made to smokers then nothing does. But with the numerous public smoking bans that have hit the US so hard have come bans on smoking while bowling. While this certainly works out well enough for non smokers, for smokers it means the end of an era.

The fact is that its understandable why they went along so willingly with the ban. After all, cigarettes and sports performance do not exactly gel well together. But in what may be a big surprise, the ban on smoking while bowling is not gaining as many detractors as other smoking bans have. Perhaps it is simply because of the venue and spirit of competition. Perhaps it is because of the large number of children that could be present at the bowling alley at any time. Whatever the reason, bowlers that smoke are happily complying with the new rules.

It is also worth noting that there are some bowling alleys that are fine with people who bring in their great e cigarette starter kits since they do not actually put out smoke. It is something that you should ask your local alley owner if you want to be able to use it in the alley.

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