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Boise Bar Owners Adapting to Smoking Ban

Boise Idaho is one of the many places across the country that has put a ban on public smoking, even in bars and restaurants. While in some places the bans have been met with applause and welcomed by non smokers but in Boise both side of the fence are somewhat bothered by the bans as many wonder whether or not this steps on the rights of smokers. However there are plenty of bar owners who have found creative solutions to get around the full on ban. Some bar owners have mentioned that they have created designated smoking areas in the parking lots of their establishment which have been a big help. Since smoking in parking lots is still fine there have been plenty of bar owners taking advantage of this.

It is refreshing to see that there are plenty of business owners who have found loopholes for their customers. It is still frustrating for many smokers, but the compromise that bar owners have supplied will have to work until a better decision can be made.

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