Best E Cig Brand Comparison

E cigarettes have become massively popular. E cigarettes have become recognized as one of the very best alternatives to smoking regular cigarettes. But the fact is e cigarettes have placed a problem that every good technology faces once it catches on: there are a lot of brands. Some of the brands are exceptional in quality. Others are sub par and aren’t even worth mentioning. Here you’ll find a comparison between the best e cigarette brands on the market.

V2 – V2 Cigs are an extremely popular e cigarette brands on the market. They feature a very wide flavor selection, and the vapor is known for being very fulfilling. They are sleek and stylish. It also has good battery life. However, they only have a moderate amount of e liquid per cartridge.

Green Smoke – Green Smoke is applauded for its attempt at creating an environmentally friendly e cigarette experience. However, many complain that its flavor is far too strong.

Smoke Tip – Smoke Tip has won some fans due to the fact that it delivers a decent quality for a pretty fair price. But it’s not exactly exceptional. It also doesn’t put out quite the same amount of vapor as Green Smoke.

Blu Cig – Blu Cig is a highly popular brand, but this is primarily due to the convenience of their charging pack, but aside from that Blu Cig has been relatively unremarkable. While they have a very stylish look, it’s very easy to imagine their look becoming dated as time rolls.

Choice 7’s – Choice 7’s is by far the classiest brand of all of the e cigarettes on this list. First of all, the build quality of this brand is exceptional. The e cigarettes are durable, and well designed. As if that were not enough, look at the gorgeous packaging it comes in which doubles as a supply drawer for your e cigarette. Aside from great quality e liquid and exceptional build and packaging, Choice 7’s features tremendous battery life, longer than the majority of the competition, even longer than V2. Battery life is tremendously important for e cigarette users.

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