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Bars and Restaurants Continue to Lose Business Over Smoking Bans

One of the unexpected by-products of the ban on public smoking and smoking restaurants, bars, and privately owned clubs is the massive drop in customers that those establishments are facing. It is a sad fact that many businesses are suffering due to the fact that they cannot let a legal product e used in their own establishment. This is one of the chief reasons why public smoking bans have received so much heat and criticism.

It was one thing for there to be pressure to ban smoking actually out in public. But what goes on in a privately owned business is a different matter. The fact is that more and more bars and restaurants are losing business due to the increase in the number of places that are putting bans on public smoking. There has been no happy medium found for this problem, and more and more bar owners are finding themselves with little choice but to throw in the towel and accept the new found lack of business. Fortunately some places have encouraged the use of e cigarettes, of which not all public smoking bans include, but even this is not enough to bring back revenue. Time will tell whether or not anything can be done for these businesses.

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