Australia Hikes Cigarette Prices

If you smoke regular cigarettes would you ever consider paying $20 per pack? Smokers in Australia soon won’t have a choice. In an effort to make cigarettes more unappealing to the general public law has been passed that would raise the taxes on cigarettes and therefor cause packs to reach the astronomical price of $20.

Needless to say many smokers in Australia are not happy with this price hike. The thing that has many smokers around the world nervous is the possibility of this catching on, and e cig users are worried it may have some affect on e cigarettes. It is rather unlikely that this would catch on in America, though there are some states that have very high cigarette prices. However these states do not have prices that go into the $20 ballpark. The reason why e cig users are nervous that this price hike could catch on stems from the fact that the country at large still has no real consensus about whether or not e cigarettes should be treated the same as real cigarettes and any decision either way could cause a massive controversy.

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