As Cig Prices Rise, Sales Fall

As cigarette prices rise, cigarette sales fall. A recent study has shown that as taxes on cigarettes have risen, the number of people buying cigarettes, especially among the youth, has fallen. The large number of smokers is in decline, but not just in the US. With tax hikes popping up all across the globe, countries with higher smoker averages than the US are even starting to cut back on the products.

But it makes one wonder as to whether or not the decline in cigarette sales will lead to sales boosts in cigarette alternatives, such as e cigarettes. There are many who have expressed a wonder as to whether or not the sales drop is strictly related to the rise in tax prices. Some have suggested that the tax hikes have simply been a catalyst of sorts, fueling the desire of many smokers to quit. This would be unsurprising as the amount of anti-smoking advertisements that are displayed certainly make a strong case for quitting smoking.

Many are beginning to wonder whether or not the number of people who stop smoking will lead to the prices of cigarettes lowering again. The law of supply and demand states that it would happen, but it all depends on whether or not the sales lower enough to warrant lower prices. Make the switch to our 7’s cigs and beat taxes…for now anyway, and have a much smarter lifestyle.


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