Argument Against Flavored Tobacco Products Back From the Dead


The argument over whether or not flavored tobacco appeals to children is probably one of the most annoying arguments in the industry. Many had thought that common sense had finally caught up with the detractors, but a recent call by some people to increase the tax rate of flavored smokeless tobacco products shows that it is most certainly not the case. If you really want to break the problem with their argument down then let’s employ some common sense, shall we? Ask yourself this: Do you like chocolate? Or any sweet flavored dessert type food? Do you like smokeless tobacco? Wouldn’t it be great if you have chocolate flavored smokeless tobacco? Of course it would, because you’re a normal person who likes chocolate. Everybody likes chocolate. Chocolate appeals to everyone, not just children.

Alcohol certainly doesn’t appeal to children, and they have just about every flavor imaginable for alcoholic beverages and condoms. But if you apply any of those flavors to tobacco and the immediate worry becomes that children will find the product appealing. This is a double standard of the most obvious and ridiculous sort. If you are going to try and ban different flavors for tobacco, then take on condoms and alcohol while you’re at it.

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