Are Public Smoking Bans Really Just To Prevent Annoyance?

Public smoking bans have been the bane of the existence of smokers everywhere. Thinks are now in a stage where smokers cannot smoke in public, in bars, restaurants, and in some places even their homes. One of the biggest reasons for the smoking bans has been the desire to cut back on the amount of second hand smoke that is in in public places…or has it? It is very interesting that if you look online and see the comments that many non smokers have in regards to public smoking bans, you’ll find that many of the commenters do not even mention health. But they will say they are happy to not have to smell cigarette smoke.

It makes one wonder whether health concerns really are the primary cause of the bans as opposed to simple annoyance. Often you will find that many non smokers are annoyed with cigarette smoke and cigarette butts. It would almost have made as much sense to try and ban public smoking on the basis of protecting the environment.

One thing that is interesting is the fact that a lot of non smokers are perfectly fine with products like e cigarettes. E cigarettes leave no bad smell behind and there is no litter left behind either. Is their tolerance of e cigarettes in direct correlation to those things, and if so then doesn’t this paint a clearer picture of the real reason why non smokers are so willing to embrace public smoking bans?

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