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Are Cigarette Prices Being Used to Make Smokers Quit?

More and more smokers these days are dropping cigarettes. One of the most obvious reasons that smokers are getting rid of their packs and lighters stems from the continued awareness of the health risks of smoking. Another one of the reasons that so many smokers are quitting comes from the anti-smoking mentality that people, especially young people are developing. It has led to numerous public smoking bans that have left many smokers feeling alienated and undesirable as members of society. But one of the biggest reasons why smokers are quitting comes from the fact that cigarette prices are reaching near astronomical levels.

The price of cigarettes has raised steadily and consistently over the past few years and many are beginning to wonder whether or not the rise in price is the result of the anti-smoking mentality and whether or not the prices are being used as a means to discourage smokers. The idea of raising prices as a means to get smokers to quit is not unheard of. In fact there are many anti-smoking groups that have suggested it. Whether or not this is something that rings true remains to be seen, but if it is indeed a fact then the results seem to be working.

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