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Apartments Becoming Stricter With No Smoking Policy

With the large number of public smoking bans that are gripping the country the one place that a smoker always knows that they are okay to light up in has to be their own home…unless their home happens to be an apartment. More and more apartments across the country are starting to have tighter restrictions on smoking. This is a result, primarily, of apartment owners wanting to keep their apartments smelling smoke free. After all, if a smoker is a tenant and then they decide to move out, it could be hard to sell a non smoking couple on the apartment. While apartment owners have the right to decide what goes on in their apartments, similar to ordinances they have on noise, it still seems a bit extreme for them to put up smoking bans, especially if a tenant is required to clean the apartment before moving out anyway.

Normal smoking bans were bad enough, but now there are some apartment buildings that are starting to put bans on smoking on the balconies as well. This is a big source of frustration to smokers who feel as though they have lost the very last place where they can smoke and not have to worry about some form of punishment. Fortunately there are some apartment complexes that are a bit more lenient when it comes to products like e cigarettes due to the fact that e cigarettes put out hardly any smell, and what little smell there is is gone in a matter of seconds.

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