apartment smoking bans on the rise

Apartment Smoking Bans in California on the Rise

With the recent decision that it is legal for landlords to ban smoking in their apartment buildings, it comes as no surprise that a crackdown on smoking in apartments has already begun. Of particular note is one landlord who has imposed a smoking ban on 13 apartment complexes (which totals to about 2,000 apartments). This a drastically high number, and for the ban to have been put into motion before the ink was even dry on the paperwork shows that there’s a certain fervor being employed in getting smoking out of apartments in general. But is it really worth ostracizing other tenants by putting in these bans in apartments?

The fact is that right now smokers are quickly running out of places to be able to smoke. They cannot smoke in public anymore, and they cannot even smoke in bars. The home is the only place left that a smoker really has to be able to light up without having to worry about being fined or anything like that. While it is understandable that there are concerns for the non smoking tenants in the complexes, there is still consideration that needs to be have for the tenants who are smokers as well.

Smoking is something that is essentially being wiped out across the country, and even the globe. More and more smokers are searching for alternatives, such as e cigarettes, to be able to try and beat the system that is in place against them but even those are becoming subject to the bans as well. There is no clear cut solution to the problem, but something must be done in the name of finding a happy medium that allows smokers the freedom they need to be able to smoke when and where they need to while at the same time not stepping on the toes of non smokers.



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