Apartment Hunting Worse For Smokers

Apartment hunting is a painstaking and, quite frankly, annoying process. Nobody likes having to search for just the right apartment in just the right location. But for smokers, hunting for an apartment is even worse. With smoking bans taking place all across the country, it is becoming more and more unlikely to find apartment buildings that allow smokers. This is mainly because landlords have stated that they have a hard time finding tenants for apartments that were previously lived in by smokers.

While this makes great business sense for landlords, for smoking apartment seekers it is a nightmare. What looks like a goldmine of available apartments to a nonsmoking apartment seeker turns out to be merely four or five at best for a smoking one. While common sense says this makes it more comfortable for the nonsmoking tenants of a building and less of a fire risk is it really worth it to ostracize so many potential tenants?

Many have taken to the habit of hiding their habits as a way of opening up more potential apartments. For example: if the apartment landlord doesn’t ask about smoking habits then the potential tenant doesn’t feel the need to disclose the information. This often leads to hiding the habit once in an apartment or walking long distances to smoke at every break. Eventually this could lead to bad blood and more secrecy between both landlord and tenant. All around it seems something will have to change in the situation to make smokers more comfortable or many apartment owners will have to face the fact that smokers are people to and they make up much of the renter population.

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