Anti-Smoking Protestor Considered Public Nuisance

A California anti-smoking protestor recently learned that being a nuisance probably is not the most effective way to get your message across. A man has been evicted from his apartment complex, where he has lived for the last twenty years, due to using a spray bottle and spraying smokers who were lounging around the pool at the apartment complex. The complex did not have any anti-smoking policies around the pool and the man will now have to look for a new home because of his over zealous and annoying actions.

It is somewhat surprising that it took nearly two years for the decision to be made on what to be done with man. The apartment complex’s owners have stated that they made the decision they felt best tended to the needs of their tenants as a whole. It is good to see that there are some apartment complexes that are keeping the needs of all their tenants, including smokers, at the forefront.


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