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Anti-Smoking Groups Want Prop 29 Vote Recount

Proposition 29, the California based measure to raise cigarette taxes by a dollar was one of the most annoying measures that smokers had to deal with lately. While the votes were neck and neck eventually the measure was struck down. It seemed like smokers (and their wallets) didn’t have much to worry about, but proponents of Prop 29 have made their intentions known to call for a recount of the votes.

This is something that is serving as an irritant to all smokers. The call for a recount seems almost as if it is out of desperation. The frustrating aspect of this is how they are spinning their stance on it. They have turned it into a case of “the little guy vs. big tobacco” and as a result they have decided to group smokers into the latter group instead of looking at them as people who are already paying large amounts of money. They are not talking about the human side of things. In fact the attitude among many anti-smoking advocates is that the tax would be a great tool in essentially forcing smokers into quitting. Whether or not the recount of the vote will actually happen is up in the air right now. It seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened. Hopefully this is all talk so that Prop 29 can stay dead and buried.

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