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Anti-Smoking Ads Proving Very Effective

Anti-smoking ads have been around for close to thirty years now. While public awareness of the potential for cigarettes to cause cancer has been very high for years, it is something that has only really been tackled in the last twenty to thirty years. The youth of today no longer views cigarettes as cool or even remotely appealing. The number of youth that smokes is lower than ever. And, in what really isn’t all that much of a surprise, the anti-smoking ads have yielded the result of more people trying to quit.

While the impact of the anti-smoking ads cannot be denied, it is worth noted that they are not the sole reason for the continued number of people giving up regular cigarettes. While the ads are incredible helpful towards reducing the number of smokers, one of the reasons why so many smokers are dropping their packs is because of the advent of low cost high quality e cigarette starter kits. E cigarettes have given smokers a better and more efficient way of getting nicotine (and in a subtle note, keeps fire away from their face. Because fire near the face is bad indeed). Why would you want to still use cigarettes if you had an e cigarette?

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