altria raises cigarette pack prices

Altria Raises Cigarette Pack Prices

Six cents is kind of a big deal. Altria has just raised the price on all cigarettes that are under their brand. This means that smokers can expect to pay an extra six cents per pack. The groans of smokers all across the world can be heard at this point. This is a move that was made in an effort to raise profit, since more and more people are ditching cigarettes due to either wanting to quit, having found an alternative such as e cigarettes, or because they are simply sick of having to pay through the nose to be able to smoke.

Pairing this raising of price with the tax hikes that have been a plague to smokers for years now, it is becoming less and less financially viable to keep up with smoking. It is not only disheartening to smokers but it is flat out annoying. This is creating an atmosphere of frustration for smokers who do not know whether to ditch cigarettes or hang on hoping that prices drop. There is no clear solution in that department, but something must be done to create a solution that leaves smokers happy and still allows for the company to make a profit.


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