Alleged Smoking Gene Reactions

A recent study is coming under heavy fire for the suggestion that there is a “smoking gene”. Yes, you read that correctly. There is apparently a gene that, according to the study affects how many more cigarettes over average a person smokes in a day. That’s right. There’s apparently an average amount of cigarettes smoked by the estimated 48.2 Million that smoke in the United States alone. While the study is certainly interesting, it is coming under fire because some feel that the research is relatively pointless.

While the nature of the research itself may be somewhat pointless, there are many smokers out there who feel that the research could, at the very least, be made useful. Specifically the research could be used to tailor-make smoking cessation products for particular groups. It may even be used to help smokers on an individual basis. It is strictly a matter of what is decided to be done with the research.

There are many smokers who feel that the information could be used as some form of profiling. The fact is that smokers today feel ostracized and stigmatized by non-smokers as it is. The idea of there being a smoking gene that could determine how much more one smokes could have an impact on the difficulty one has getting a job, or even on generalized health forms.

The fact is that nobody knows just what the research will actually be used for, but it would be somewhat ridiculous to think it will simply sit on a shelf and not be used. The potential for the research to be used to help smokers is pretty fair, but the chances of it being used in a negative light are even higher. Smokers who are concerned will have to wait on the outcome.

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