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Alabama Town’s Smoking Ordinance Hurting Bar and Restaurant Business

One Alabama town’s smoking ordinance is causing a big headache for bar and restaurant owners with many saying their very business is threatened. The public smoking ordinance in Vestavia Hills, Alabama has a rather standard policy in regards to public smoking: no smoking in bars or restaurants. This is something you could expect to find with most public smoking bans across the country. Where it becomes frustrating for this town in particular is that the ordinance also bans smoking outside of bars and restaurants. Specifically it bans smoking within twenty feet of a bar or restaurant.

This is something that is frustrating bar and restaurant owners greatly as they find that business quickly leaves once the need for a smoke break comes about. It was one thing when smokers were able to simply step outside and smoke and then go back into the restaurant, but it seems now that even that practice is being axed. This is not the first time that businesses have complained that smoking bans are hurting them and it will not be the last.

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