ACSH Article Suggests Silence on Harm Reduction Kills Smokers

An article from the American Council on Science and Health suggests that the lack of coverage about tobacco harm reduction is not only dangerous, but it is outright killing smokers. The article suggests that groups such as the FDA are sending the message to the smoking public that their only options when it comes to tobacco products are either 1. quit or 2. die. The problem with that mentality is that it is simply not true when you factor in that most harm reduction and smoking cessation products, especially e cigarettes are a clean source of nicotine with no tar required at all.

This is a stance that a large portion of e cigarette users have been saying for some time. It makes one wonder if the FDA has truly evaluated whether or not harm reduction and smoking cessation products are a healthier alternative. Harm reduction products have an as yet untapped potential, and if the ACSH is right, then that potential is something that needs to be further explored. Because when the options are quit or die and quitting is difficult enough as it is, any option that could help make that situation easier on smokers in that transitional period should be welcomed and researched.