A Nicotine Vaccine?

People have been trying to quit smoking for about as long as people have known that cigarettes are harmful. One of the hardest things to shake is sheer habit of smoking. Now scientists think they might have something that can help combat the smoking addiction: a nicotine vaccine. Now while there are some who would very quickly jump at the chance to have a nicotine vaccine, there are two inherent problems with that course of action.

Number one: The product isn’t ready for human testing. It’s worked out pretty well on mice and that’s as far as tests have gone so far.

The second problem is that nicotine is little more addictive than caffeine. If you go three days without nicotine, then it’s out of your system. That’s why so many people who try to quit subscribe to the so-called three day rule. The problem is that scientists seem to be completely excluding the possibility that perhaps smoking is so hard to quit because there are over four thousand carcinogens and that just maybe those carcinogens are a very addictive combination, more so than nicotine. It seems like, at least for a group of scientists, a bit more consideration would have been brought into the development.


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