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Are Graphic Smoking Warning Labels All That Effective?

E of the biggest issues facing smokers these days is whether or not they will have to see a nasty or graphic image of the effects that smoking cigarettes can have on their health. While everyone is most certainly aware of the potential dangers that come with smoking, the advent of graphic warning labels have shown that the labels are discouraging smokers from buying cigarette packs. But does that mean that the labels are completely effective?

While the number of people buying cigarettes is certainly down, we have to examine other factors, such as e cigarettes. With the large number of affordable e cigarette starter kits available on the market, it is only natural that someone who has made the switch to e cigarettes would not want to turn back. E cigarettes offer what is arguably a far superior experience to regular cigarettes.

Another reason why the labels may not be nearly as effective as people think stems from the way smoking is being perceived by society these days. There are more non smokers out there than there are smokers, and as a result of that there have been numerous smoking bans happening rapidly all across the country. If smokers have less reason to smoke in public they will most likely quit buying as many cigarettes. This is yet another reason why the graphic labels may not be as helpful.

The fact is that the labels are having some impact, but the level of which is debatable. Until there are more surveys and tests done to see if the labels were the sole cause of the cigarette sales drops, we do not have a definitive answer, which means lawmakers looking to this specific phenomenon to discourage smokers from buying cigarettes will have to be careful to not put all of their eggs into one basket.

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