7’s Skins are Back !

We’ve updated the store to include the 7’s Skins just like before. They are now ready to order, and more are coming soon. The skins are made out of 3M Adhesive vinyl, for easy application and endurance. Many find that they can re-use the skins multiple times before discarding. You can “apply” these skins by peeling the skin and laying it “sticky” side up on a table, and line the battery along it’s longer edge, and “roll” it onto place. This is one of the best methods for accurately applying your skin.

These skins are designed by hand, and credits go out to Lucas Shepherd, our talented in-house designer. If you have any requests for designs you would like to see made, leave comments here in the blog and we will do our best to fulfill as many as possible! Our goal is to add at least 1 new skin design weekly, and more if possible. Be sure you subscribe to our newsletter and blog for promo updates, to take first dibs on our awesome sales and product updates.

Compatibility: The battery skins are designed to fit any standard length 7’s Micro Battery such as the Micro Standard, Stealth, Multi-Color Switch for all Black or White Batteries. We do not recommend using 7’s Skins in conjunction with the Square or Power Pack Charging Case. It may damage your applied skins while inserting them into the charger. However, they are greatly compatible w/ the standard metal 7’s Cases.

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