7’s on your iPhone – Quick Guide to Adding a Bookmark Icon to the Home Screen

For those of you who haven’t yet taken advantage of the iPhone features we offer while ordering on our www.ECigarettesChoice.com store, you can now take it a step further to improve your shopping experience online. This is also a great tip for any site that you visit often. Just follow the same steps indicated below and you will end up with a ICON directly on the home screen of your iPhone. Supports iOS 3.0 and above. We invite you to give it a try, and show your friends this cool “trick” the next time you are out and about.

Step 1 of 4 – open your Safari browser on your iPhone, and navigate to www.ECigarettesChoice.com, and then select where indicated in the image below .


Step 2 of 4 – Select “Add to Home Screen” as indicated below.


Step 3 of 4 – You can select the “Add” button as indicated below. You also have the ability to rename the bookmark as indicated. We recommend keeping the label as is or at a length up to 14 characters.



Step 4 of 4 – You should now see your Bookmark placed as a nifty and original “APP Icon”. You can also move or rearrange by holding down the icon until they “Wiggle” and then tap the home screen button to escape the location mode once placed. Enjoy !

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