7’s is Moving Affiliate Systems

[attention]As of April 3rd, we will no longer be supporting or utilizing Commission Junction’s (CJ.com) affiliate platform. We will be migrating our account to ShareASale.com , where you will be able to signup and continue the program and at a higher pay-out than before ! If you haven’t yet created an account on ShareASale.com we invite you to do so now. We will be launching this new program on Wednesday April 4th. New banners will also be posted up.[/attention]

Why, you ask?

We felt that CJ’s platform has become a bit out dated with technology and as you may already know, we really like to stay on the bleeding edge of available technology so that our affiliates can have access to the rightful tools and resources they deserve. The limited features of some area’s have been a concern and the support hasn’t been that great. We had nearly 10 days of down time due to the lack of communication from CJ and that’s irreparable damage that we just do not tolerate. We are on to bigger and better things !

We are looking forward to a great start with the new program and we wish all of our affiliates luck in their partnership between our sites and yours. We stand by you, and are here to fully support anything you need to be successful. If you have any questions you can contact us directly or contact our Affiliate Manager via e-mail ( AM #at ECigarettesChoice.com )

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