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7′s Hybrid Vision Review (Real Customer Submittal)

ATLanta Computer Dude August 10, 2013 7's Technology, Customer Spotlight, News & Politics 4 Comments
7′s Hybrid Vision Review (Real Customer Submittal)

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7′s Hybrid Vision

7′s Hybrid Vision, Submitted by Brandon Ross Atlanta, GA - While I didn’t think 7’s could top it’s high quality e-cigs, I was pleasantly surprised when I was handed the new Hybrid Vision. The first things I noticed were the size difference and the sleek black matte finish.  Vision was aesthetically pleasing, but how did it perform?  I took a few puffs and was completely blown away by the quality of the Vision. It had the nice “throat pulls” I always look for.  It produced a nice, full cloud of vapor upon exhale.   I proceeded to crouch to the ground, hovering over the thing like Gollum, calling it my “preciousss”.

The 7′s Hybrid Vision is about the size of a small, thin cigar.  It holds copious amounts of e-liquid, which means less refills and the battery life is long.  The kit comes with two batteries, two cartridges, two bottles of e-liquid (flavors of your choice), a wall charger, USB charger, and a free gift.  I’ve been approached by people who have passed me on the street inquiring about this new technology.  If you want to remain obscure, I suggest either cupping the thing in your hand or going with one of 7’s refillables.  But hey, one of the beauties in life is the ability to communicate, and this is certainly a conversation starter.

The 7′s Hybrid Vision gets 5/5 stars from me!  It surpasses all criteria I look for in an e-cig while looking stunning, performing to a high standard, and making me look like a badass. (Ok, as much as a badass as I can look).  Here is the link, go check it out for yourself. Get your 7′s Hybrid Vision >>

By: Brandon Ross

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  1. jon terns August 31, 2013 at 12:38 PM

    Judging by the size of them in the video, they look just about perfect! I like that it’s not as big as I had originally thought.

  2. efpierce August 30, 2013 at 3:50 PM

    You’re right about these being a conversation starter! They have a look that’s all their own and I think that helps out a lot when you are trying to sell a product in today’s saturated markets. The 7′s are the best ones out there anyway, but the looks really help out.

  3. matt n. August 30, 2013 at 1:30 PM

    I am fairly new to e-cigs and I thought that review was really helpful especially the video. I even learned a little form it so I don’t look like such a newbie when I order.

  4. efpierce August 30, 2013 at 1:25 PM

    Wait! Longer battery life and less time spent refilling the liquid? I ‘m all in for the 7′s. They look good and from the sound of this review, they are as good as they look. :)

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