7’s Hybrid Kit

We’ve finally introduced a kit that addresses the biggest concern that most vapors have: battery life.  Our other kits include batteries with 180mAh, but these babies take the cake at a whopping 650mAh each.  A full charge offers approximately 1,000 puffs and you can still use the 7’s pre-filled micro cartomizers because it comes with an adapter for them.

This wicked kit includes the following:

  • Two (2) Hybrid 650mAh Batteries (1000+ Puffs on 1 Charge)
  • Two (2) Blank Hybrid Cartridges with “Enhanced Vapor Production”
  • One (1) Cone Adapter (for use with 7’s Pre-filled Micro Cartomizers)
  • Two (2) 15ml Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles of 7’s E-Liquids
  • One (1) USB Cord
  • One (1) A/C Wall Adapter for USB Cord

Because the kit includes 2 15ml bottles of our famous e-liquid in tobacco or menthol and also includes a cone adapter for our cartomizers, you can vape any way you want to!

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