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7′s hybrid vision kit

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7′s hybrid vision kit The Industry Standard

7′s electronic cigarettes

Enhanced Vapor Production

3.5x performance of our micro

Manufactured to meet the demands of the power- smoker, the Hybrid Vision packs a mighty punch. With “Enhanced Vapor Production”, the duration of both our newly designed Hybrid Batteries and Hybrid Vision Blank Cartridges deliver a performance up to 3.5 times more than that of our standard Micro models.

Hybrid Design

Save Up To 85% Over Tobacco.

Instant relief on your wallet.

SS Choice introduces the 7’s Hybrid Vision Kit for electronic cigarette smokers that are looking for a longer lasting smoke, more vapor and maximum savings. E-Liquid offers up a whole new world of cost savings opportunities. Giving you complete freedom to do more things unlike ever before.

Hybrid Design

Smoke n’ Charge.

Keep on vaping.

The built-in “Smoke n’ Charge” feature allows you to smoke your Hybrid Vision while it is plugged in with the USB Cable. Never worry about running out of power. We think this should be standard on every electronic cigarette.

Hybrid Design

Power Smart Circuitries.

No overcharging.

Designed with “Power Smart” protection circuits to prevent overcharging. The 7’s Hybrid Battery consistently delivers dependable power that is very easy to recharge. When the light turns off, it’s ready. We’ve made sure to keep it simple.

Hybrid Design

New Vision Atomizer Technology.

Designed for convenience.

The 7′s Hybrid Vision Cartridges included in this kit, come with pre-installed disposable atomizers that you can replace as-needed without replacing the entire cartridge !

Hybrid Design

Maximum Flavor Selection.

Use with E-Liquid.

Coupled with an all-in-one ( built in atomizer ) 7’s Hybrid Blank Cartridge that can be easily filled with 7’s E-Liquids, bringing you the widest selection of flavors in the industry.

Hybrid Design


Use with Cartomizers.

The Hybrid Batteries are backwards compatible, with the 7’s Cartomizers product line; giving you ultimate flexibility in what you choose to smoke. Out of liquid? Twist on a cartomizer, and keep on sailing.

Hybrid Design

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